The neck is the part most affected by the vibration of the strings, so the choice of wood will be of paramount importance for the creation of a instrument that meets your needs. Since 1600, the great Italian masters, used maple, with incredible results, for their creations. Even today, wood is by far the most used for its great stiffness and sound quality. However, you can experience any other essence for the creation of a neck but it is imperative that it has a proper rigidity to avoid unnatural movements due to the tension of the strings.

Below is a list of essences with their characteristics. If you need a particular wood do not hesitate to contact us.


Specific weight: 640-720 kg/m³
Maple is surely one of the most used wood in liuteriaguitar making - hard rock maple very hard wood, first choice for necks
- european maple, wood slightly softer than the previous one with slightly less visible grain
Because of its stiffness, maple is mainly used for the construction of necks, but it can also be used as a main component for bodies or tops. Provides a very brilliant sound with good sustain.

Specific weight: 540-660 kg/m³
Beautiful wood for transparent and three-dimensional finishes. It is suitable for tops but some species can also be used for necks.

Specific weight: 640-720 kg/m³
The particular figure stems from a deformation in the growth of the tree. It is used for tops and necks.

Specific weight: >1000 kg/m³
Hard and heavy wood. It is mainly used for keyboards, rarely and save availability on full necks. Provides excellent attack, brilliance and sustain. Unfortunately, it is becoming rare and expensive; the color may vary from black to dark brown with black streaks.

Specific weight: 800-850 kg/m³
This wood is the one most used for fretboards but it can be used with excellent results even on the necks. Provides a warm tone.

Specific weight: 850-900 kg/m³
Wood is very similar to Indian rosewood, it is slightly lighter, but has more obvious and sharp grains.

Unfortunately, the uncontrolled exploitation of Amazon forest timber is greatly reducing the woodland surface, so we want to make our small contribution using only wood from certified sources.

Specific weight: 750-950 kg/m³
Wood with beautiful chocolate-colored grain, is very heavy. It is very suitable for both transparent finishes and oil finishes. It has a tonal curve emphasized on the medium while it has a great attack. Being very rigid is also suitable for the construction of necks.
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