It is possible to choose between different types of stain, some of them depending on the type of wood chosen


3D (three-dimensional)


This painting process is complex and involves the use of several colors. After drying the body is painted with the transparent. They are very beautiful finishes, dedicated to flamed or quilted maple tops as they are not good for dark or not figured woods.  


They are paints that are sprayed directly onto the body without senza staining the wood. The coloring comes from a dye mixed with the paint. They are suitable for wood with a fine grain but can also be applied on slightly veiny woods (mahogany, poplar or basswood). Compared to three-dimensional, they give less emphasis to particularly beautifully wood like flamed or quilted maple 


The first painting phase involves applying a three-dimensional or transparent finishing method, and then applying a black or colored shade to the outer edge of the body. They are also beautiful on non figured wood like basswood and poplar.



Solid color

They are pastel coatings suitable for woods that do not have a particular aesthetic appeal as basswood and poplar.




Same characteristics as solid color, however the finish is given in two layers: the first is the true color with metallic particles that give the characteristic effect, the second is the transparent.