Gianand Giannola

The only Gianand guitar in 3 + 3 configuration. We have studied a compact design for great handling and therefore ideal for live situations. The limited wood mass reduction allows you to have a fat sound even with a small body. The wide range of configuration makes this instrument perfect for any sound you have in mind.

A unique model along with Zeta-B, to be painted with our exclusive STP finishing .

Three completely configurable versions

Total Vintage

A guitar featuring the best vintage outlines but with technologies and workmanship not available at that time. The result is an instrument designed for nostalgics seeking maximum engineering precision and reliability..

  • 21 "vintage" frets
  • Single truss rod
  • C plus neck shape
  • 9,5" fretboard radius

Classic Rock

Configuration that can satisfy most musicians. Comfort and modern construction make the instrument suitable for all kinds, ranging from blues to hard rock.

  • 22 jumbo frets
  • Single truss rod
  • Classic C neck shape
  • 12" fretboard radius

Speed Oriented

We thought of this setup for low-action lovers. The compound radius of the fretboard and the low profile of the neck will make it feel comfortable for even the most technical guitarists.

  • 24 super Jumbo frets
  • Double truss rod
  • Low profile neck shape
  • 10"-16" compound radius fretboard

Everything on hand

The idea was to create an extremely handy and compact guitar, but retain all the best features of classical instruments.
The shortest body and headstock will give you the feeling of having everything near you while keeping the 25-1/2” scale. Access to the latest notes is also guaranteed by the shaped heel and the lower shoulder, both in version 22 and 24 frets.

How will it reach you

This model comes with a Made In Italy rigid case with through stitching for a longer life.
You will also receive a certificate of authenticity, a manual, a high quality jack, security locks, allen wrench and a leather shoulder strap marked Gianand.

Gianand Giannola Case

What do you have in mind?

Whatever the instrument you imagine we can achieve it. You have a lot of options, either with wood, colour, electronics or hardware to have millions of possible combinations. Your guitar will be unique and specially designed for you. Try our online configurator and create the instrument you wish for.

Configure it now!