Gianand Mister J

The Gianand Mister J has been created following the most classic design for an electric bass. An instrument that has made musical history of music and has continued to be the main model for all electric basses since the 1960s. We have simply produced a higher quality instrument combined with constructive improvements.

Two completely configurable versions

Total Vintage

A bass featuring the best vintage outlines but with technologies and workmanship not available at that time. The result is an instrument designed for nostalgics seeking maximum engineering precision and reliability..

  • 20 "vintage" frets
  • Single truss rod
  • C plus neck shape
  • 9,5" fretboard radius
  • Standard Neck Mounting Plate

Classic Rock

Configuration that can satisfy most musicians. Comfort and modern construction make the instrument suitable for all kinds, ranging from blues to hard rock.

  • 21 jumbo frets
  • Double truss rod
  • Carbon Fiber Neck Rods
  • Classic C neck shape
  • 12" fretboard radius
  • Neck Mounting Ferrules
  • Sculpted hell

Better than how you have always imagined.

Many musicians are fond of traditional design, so we have re-launched it. We have added a more modern construction of the neck, with the possibility of a lowered shape and easy access to the entire fretboard. Even the body is totally configurable, the choice of the top, the colour, in custom graphics.

How will it reach you

This model comes with gig case
You will also receive a certificate of authenticity, manual, high quality jack, security locks, adjustment keys and Gianand leather-covered shoulder strap.

Gianand Soft Case

Create yours

Think about how you would like it and go to our configurator, you have many options regarding wood, colours, pickups and hardware. You will have the instrument you have in mind because the only limit is your fantasy.

Configure it now!