Our Great Passion

I have always had deep admiration for the great Italian luthiers, it is wonderful to imagine how their strength and great character lived through a simple piece of wood. That's why I have decided to start this incredible adventure.
I spent a lot of time studying the wood, paints and sound of the instrument. But the way to see things and realize my own projects changed completely when I met Jim Marshall, the genius that created rock history with his amplifiers. I had the chance and great fortune to compare with him and his simple but precious advice made the difference in the professional vision of my work.
What he told me and made me understand with his eyes and those wrinkly eighty year old hands, will remain with me forever. Every day when I get to the "lab" I stand at the door and enjoy for a second that intense wood smell that tells me a bit about my story and all the difficulties I have had to overcome. Now Gianand Guitar Works is a reality made of people who do not simply build musical instruments, but dreams that inspire the passion of every musician.
We are here now, ready to provide you with the instruments you've always dreamed of.

Andrea Giannini – Proprietor of Gianand Guitar Works