The top wood is chosen either to give a different look to the guitar and to "correct" the main wood tone.

Below are the main essences with their characteristics. In addition to the woods listed, we can use a lot of other wood species, you can contact us for availability


Specific weight: 640-720 kg/m³
Maple is surely one of the most used woods in guitar building. We offer two types of maple:
- hard rock maple very rigid wood used for necks
- european maple, Wood slightly softer than the previous one with slightly less noticeable grain, is used for the body
 It provides a very brilliant sound, with good attack with good sustain.

Specific weight: 540-660 kg/m³
Beautiful wood for transparent and three-dimensional finishes. It is suitable for tops but some species can also be used for necks.

Specific weight: 540-660 kg/m³
Wood with wider grain than flamed maple, used with excellent results for transparent and three-dimensional finishes. We use only American Maple because this particular grain can not be found in European maple.

Specific weight: 640-720 kg/m³
The particular figure stems from a deformation in the growth of the tree. It is used for both tops and necks.

Specific weight: 540-660 kg/m³
This wood comes from dead trees. The trunk is attacked by particular species of fungi that determine the grain characteristics. It is a wood whose tone can not be established a priori and can vary. It is used exclusively for tops.

Specific weight: da 550 kg/m³ (swamp) a 850 kg/m³ (hard ash)
We supply two types of ash:
- swamp ash, very light wood with open pores. It offers a good balance between brilliance and warmth while it can be painted, with excellent results, even with transparent finishes
- Hard ash, heavier than the previous one but with very similar aesthetic characteristics. It is brighter than the swamp ash and has a distinctive tone
The ash was used by Leo Fender for its first and famous guitars.

Specific weight: 800-850 kg/m³
This wood is the one most used for keyboards but it can be used, with excellent results, even on the necks. Provides a warm tone.

Specific weight: 750-950 kg/m³
Wood with beautiful chocolate-colored grain, it is very heavy. It is very suitable for transparent finishes. It has a tonal curve emphasized on the medium while it has a great attack. Being very rigid is also suitable for the construction of necks.

Specific weight: 700-750 kg/m³
Essence with with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. It is a very beautiful wood with transparent finish; You can also experience colorful paintings with excellent results. It has a simil tone to maple