From this page you can add graphics and text to your instrument.

We've included a basic list of drawings, but you can apply any graphics on your guitar, contact us for a quotation.

Graphics are NOT sticky, but are directly painted!

Below is a brief tutorial on using this configurator.

On the left are highlighted the available options, clicking on each of them will open, on the right, the control panel with the available options.

In this case, by clicking on "Graphics", the "Add Graphic" panel will be highlighted


To add a graphic to the guitar click on "Add Graphics"

Now graphic control will appear, to select the available graphics, click on "Select a Graphic" to open the list.


Each item in the list will show the drawing and its price, click on the drawing to add it to the instrument.


The graphics will be placed above the instrument, you can move it by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button

With the control panel you can change Color, Rotation and Dimension. Clicking on "remove" will remove the graphics.

to place the graphics on the top of the guitar and apply the price to the total click on "Apply"

Si potranno aggiungere quante grafiche si vogliono, ognuna ad un costo aggiuntivo.


You can also add graphics or text to the back, to turn the guitar you need to click on the appropriate icon


At this point, with the same procedure you can add custom graphics to the back.